Clerk of Superior Court Office

The Office of the Clerk of Court is served by Kristin Hall, elected in 2012, as one of Emanuel County’s four constitutionally elected officials.  The Clerk’s Office of Emanuel County serves the following courts: Superior, State, and Juvenile. The Clerk is considered the official record keeper of the county -- maintaining criminal and civil court filings and serving as custodian of land and property records.  The Clerk’s Office is also responsible for summoning and handling jury matters.

In addition to maintaining court and land records, the Clerk’s Office collects and distributes intangible taxes and transfer taxes for real estate transactions, assists with family violence matters, issues Notary Public commissions, accepts filings for Trade Name Registrations, serves as administrator of the Board of Equalization, and accepts and processes Passports applications on behalf of the Department of State.

Additionally, the Clerk works closely with a variety of entities, including but not limited to the Superior Court Judges, the State Court Judge, the Juvenile Court Judge, the Solicitor of State Court, the Sheriff’s Office, the Office of the Public Defender and Office of District Attorney, the Department of Community Supervision, and the Department of Juvenile Justice, in addition to all local government departments.

The Clerk’s Office is available to assist with all applicable matters between 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Monday thru Friday at the Emanuel County Courthouse.  The Clerk’s Office looks forward to serving the citizens and visitors of Emanuel County.

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Disclaimer: The Clerk’s Office is prohibited by Georgia law from providing legal advice or representation.