Juror Information

Information for Jurors

Only by having people like you participate in the jury process can we ensure that all persons are afforded their constitutional right to have a jury drawn from a fair cross-section of the community. We extend our sincere appreciation and hope that your jury service is a rewarding experience.

Term of Service

Superior Court Jury Service begins on the second Monday of January, April, and July, and on the 3rd Monday of October.  Jury service terms can last from hours to days to weeks, depending on the case.  Many issues influence the length of a jury trial. Prospective jurors are typically summoned six weeks prior to the start date of the jury service.

State Court Jury Service begins on the Wednesday following the last Monday of April, July, and October. Jury service typically lasts for one day, excepting special circumstances. Prospective jurors typically receive a jury summons four weeks prior to the start of jury service.

 Juror Information Form

All jurors should complete and return a jury information form.  The returned forms are used by the Clerk’s Office for jury identification and notifications and for payment processing for jury services.  Additionally, attorneys use these forms to determine the best jurors for their cases.  All information is retained by the Clerk’s Office and is only distributed to attorneys by approval.

Request for Excuse

Jury Exemption Form

Prospective jurors may qualify for an excuse as provided by Georgia law.  Jurors should use the Affidavit for Juror Exemption form.  The form should be forwarded to the Emanuel County Clerk’s Office by:

Mail to: Emanuel County Clerk’s Office, P.O. Box 292, Swainsboro, Georgia 30401


Fax: 478-237-1220

Please call 478-237-8911 ext 118 to determine the status of your exemption.  You will not be contacted by the Clerk’s Office unless there is an issue with your exemption affidavit.

Instructions for Juror and Parking and Directions

Jury Instruction Form for specific information related to your jury experience. 

Jurors reporting for jury service should park at the rear of the Emanuel County Courthouse in the main parking lot or in the lot located behind BB& Bank. Handicap accessible parking is available.  Please arrive early in order to allow adequate time to find parking. If you need assistance with parking, please contact the Clerk’s Office at 478-237-8911 prior to the beginning of court.