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Address Request Form

  1. Note: Addresses are essentially assigned to livable structures such as mobile homes and houses, or commercial buildings. Since vacant parcels/tracts of land do not include livable structures and future plans for placement of livable structures is uncertain, addresses will no longer be assigned to vacant parcels or tracts of land. An exception for assigning addresses to small subdivision lots that cannot be subdivided in the future, may be made at the discretion of Emanuel County. Other “structures” that can be assigned addresses due to third party requirements such as power/utility companies, are things such as power poles, water meters, cell towers, utility equipment, and electrically powered wells.
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  5. The Road Name portion of addresses will be determined by which named road the driveway begins at. If you have road frontage on more than one road, the road name for your address will be based on the driveway location, not the front of the building. Please be exact when providing the road name. Distinguish between such names as Brookview Dr, Brook View Dr, Brookview Ln, Brook View St, etc. Please use the name as seen on road signs if they are present.
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  7. Address numbers are assigned based on building location and/or driveway location. Describe the driveway location and structure location as best you can. You can refer to distance in feet from nearby addresses, distance from road intersection, distance from property boundary or other landmarks that might be visible in aerial photos such as an existing gate/entrance that has been there for years, etc.
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