District 2

Keith R. Thompson

Keith Thompson was born in Emanuel County and has lived here most of his life.  He graduated from Swainsboro High School in 1973 and also graduated from Athens Technical College with a degree in Commercial Art.  He has been a small business owner in Emanuel County for over 35 years.  Thompson was sworn in as Emanuel County Commissioner on January 1, 1999 and continues to serve the citizens of Emanuel County in that role.  He also serves on the Emanuel County Health Board and has served on the Emanuel County Chamber of Commerce.  He is Chairman of the Swainsboro Emanuel County Recreation Board.  He also serves on the Board of Directors of Spivey State Bank.  In 2011 he was voted "Person of the Year"  by the Swainsboro Emanuel County Chamber of Commerce.  Thompson was instrumental in helping form Emanuel Christian Ministries Church where he serves as Deacon.  He also taught Sunday School and serves as Treasurer.  He is married to Lynn Peebles Thompson and has one son, Kal.

Keith Thompson