Magistrate Court Office

The Magistrate Court is the people’s court --- helping regular citizens represent themselves, without attorneys is most instances, in cases against other people. The Magistrate Court strives to be quick, affordable, and efficient in resolving cases below $15,000.   The Magistrate Court is served by Ronald Wiggins, elected in countywide elections every four years. The office is also staffed by a Deputy Magistrate to assist in fulfilling the duties of the Chief Magistrate, along with two administrative staff members.

The jurisdiction of the Magistrate Court includes the following:
Arrest warrants, minor criminal offenses, civil claims under $15,000, county ordinance violations, deposit account fraud / bad checks, dispossessory writs, distress warrants, search warrants, and summonses.  Magistrates also grants bail in cases not reserved exclusively for other courts.  Magistrates do not preside over cases involving juries.

The Magistrate Court is available to assist citizens Monday – Friday between 8:00 a.m. – 5 p.m. in the Magistrate Court office located in the Emanuel County Courthouse. 

Disclaimer:  The Magistrate Court can not and will not assist in completing paperwork for those pursuing judgement through Magistrate Court. Additionally, forms should be completed prior to filing of the case.  Links to forms are available below. 

Magistrate Court Forms

Magistrate Court Forms Generator