Probate Court

The Probate and Vital Records System of Emanuel County

We exercise the jurisdiction over the estates of deceased persons; the appointment of guardians for incapacitated adults; marriage services, birth certificates, death certificates, and other vital records.

The Probate Court has limited by exclusive jurisdiction over the probate of wills and the administration of estates of deceased persons, the appointment of guardians of the person and property of incapacitated adults, and the appointment of guardians of the property of minors, the appointment, in certain circumstances, of guardians of the person of minors, and the commitment for involuntary treatment of persons addicted to drugs or alcohol and/or suffering for mental illnesses.

Also, appointed by the state, Don E. Wilkes serves as the Emanuel County Registrar. So along side the duties of being the elected probate judge he also serves as the County Custodian of Vital Records. Vital Records include Birth and Death Certificates.

The Emanuel County Probate Court will work hard to preserve your Georgia probate rights and do its duty to safely issue vital records to the citizens of Emanuel County under just conditions. Don E. Wilkes, as elected probate judge and appointed vital records registrar, and his staff will work their hardest for your probate/vital records needs.